About No.6

Throughout my life I have been interested in the objects that surround us, and, although not a great collector as such, have developed this interest into taking a more active role in learning about newer and broader subjects today. I spent many years working for an Auction House in the South East., and it is since then that I have moved into buying and selling items from most spheres, that not only interest me but people generally as well. 

No.6  Antiques and Collectables is my platform for doing just this. 

I am showing photographs and brief descriptions of some of the pieces that are available for purchase, but please bear in mind that this list can change at very short notice!

I am always interested in pieces you may have, but remember that fashions change very quickly, and that prices seen on TV do not always reflect the current market.

This page is frequently updated with new items so do check back here often. If there are specific items you would like us to source for you, get in touch.PlayBugle

Thank you for opening and reading my website and I look forward to maybe being of some help to us all.

All descriptions and information on this site are offered in good faith and believed to be accurate but no liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions.


Some items currently available
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