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Melanie has been engineering recordings in concert halls and churches, as well as studios for several decades. This developed initially working a television sound supervisor. Getting superb results at live event, sometimes with minimal or no rehearsal requires not only skilled audio engineering and music balancing but careful liaison with many parties. These include building managers, musicians and other performers as well as the end client and their production staff. For church and classical style music productions, PHM can provide full production resources, aided by Melanie's background as a musician.

Mel NY award PHM is a full service organisation, providing not only the expertise but all necessary equipment mostly from PHM's own stocks, hiring additional items when necessary.

Many years of experience provide consistent quality direct-to-stereo mixes for live broadcast or recording. Digital multitrack recording facilitate re-mix options.
Time code allows easy picture synchronisation for television.

In 2015 Melanie received this New York Radio Award in the 'Best Live Sound' category for her location sound for a BFBS programme from St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London.

Coverage has been provided in many challenging locations. Melanie having Britain's SC security clearance has allowed these to include many military locations and also to work in direct contact with royalty.

Careful planning always includes provision of backup and redundant techniques to avoid risking need for re-takes. Post production mixdown to stereo or 5.1 surround with full overlay of later recorded links can be provided. Alternatively a final mix of the event can be provided leaving pauses and ambience to facilitate further editing and assembly elsewhere.

Audio CDs produced and engineered by Melanie on her PHM label have particular emphasis on church and organ music and some are available through this link with many recordings provided to other companies.

Several examples from previous events can be heard below, all recorded live and mixed for the limited dynamic range of a radio broadcast. These web samples are data reduced 192 Kbit/s or lower MP3 versions.

Mel mixing

You raise me up...
(Simon Bainbridge & Marika Rauscher, Band of The Scots Guards - recorded Guards' Chapel, Birdcage Walk, London)

Edwin Waugh

Edwin Waugh Dialect Society...
(Alyson Brailsford & Sid Calderbank - recorded at a performance in Leyland, Lancashire)

RAF Regiment band

Don't get around much anymore

(Dance band of the RAF Regiment - recorded in an ad hoc office location, Cyprus)

Navy composite

New York Radio Award 2015
(Admiralty Service - recorded St Martins In the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London - Royal Marines Portsmouth brass quintet & Royal Hospital School Choir). Recorded direct to live stereo mix without multitrack.

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