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P H M provides expertise in broadcast and audio for radio, television and theatre as well as installation and project consultancy and behind it, is Melanie Plumley (ne Harrison) with many decades experience. This encompassed the manufacturing and supply side with project management and technical writing. She also worked in operational broadcasting initially with ITV in the UK and later as freelance sound engineer on many audio and broadcast projects including several major UK "soap operas".
Bcast Engineering
During her career at times as an employee and other times an independent consultant, she worked on and supervised many projects with responsibility both for technical and commercial implementation.

After working in many parts of the world including the Far East and USA, spending the final three employed years in Cyprus, she is once more UK based but available for work in all parts of the world.

Melanie's background in operational  work as well as audio/broadcast manufacturing provides are rare combination of engineering, operational and commercial experience.

She has provided technical authoring services to a wide range of clients and links to sample work can be provided on request. Her full CV is available at this link.

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